“Time Travel or Nah?” Pt.2

10 years into the future or the past? Where would you go? Do you go 10 years back to warn myself, or do you go 10 in the future to see how your living? Maybe the hardest question for me would be, how in the hell will I know my older self when I’m a kid. Or maybe even, how do I know if I died and I went into the future where I was living because I have traveled in time, so now I’m not dead, but i alive to continue to life that I don’t have because I’ve died. And If I did travel in to the future I would know I’m coming because I traveled into the future knowing I was coming, therefore traveling in the future would be traveling in the past because I know that I have traveled into the future, therefore changing the occurrences in the past to the occurrences in the  future because I’m aware of, and reacting to, the future, making it a past event that has already taken place in the future of the past.

You figure it out.


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