Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare’s Romeo an Juliet, is a novel that everyone is in love with, except me. I’m sure you know the story goes. It’s only the number one story that’s been in every high school American’s curriculum. The same curriculum that gives you Hamlet, and Caesar too. I feel like they just make us read those books to torture us and try and speak like Anglo-Saxon retards. To be or Not to Be, how about not to be. I hated second of every class period were I had to recite this damn story. The fights were lame, the girl was 12, and Romeo died at the end. That pedophile should have been put in jail. That’s how messed up society is, they give you a story on how to get the the girl, but in the real world this would be considered a crime.

The Capulet’s and The Montague’s clash in a vicious battle to see who comes out on top. Sounds interesting right, WRONG. Micheal Bay would have killed this plot. With Ninja Turtles on one side and Autobots on the other. Explosions, curse words, and hot babes would have crowned Shakespeare. But no, you’ve got two pussy butlers who give each other the finger, and two pedophiles in tights, fighting to see who’ll become King of the Pedos. I imagined the fight ending with a sword up the butt, then a reach around for the other guy because he liked it so much. Symbolism, plot twists, culture, and literary genius is what you see. I see a pages of sexual desires of ole Shakesperm… I mean Shakespeare. What a waste.


The Watson’s Go To Birmingham- 1963

The Watson’s Go To Birmingham, a novel by Christoper Paul Curtis was written in 1995. This is my favorite novel of all time. Grant it, I’ve only read about three books in my whole life, and all of them were from high school. I was never a big reader anyway, I just found a lot of books interesting to TRY and read. Back to my favorite novel. Now the story begins in Flint, Michigan in 1963 during the civil rights movement. The story’s narrated by a 10 year old  African-American boy named Kenny. His family the Watson’s are made up of his troublesome older brother Byron, Loving mother and father Wilona and Daniel Watson. Finally his little sister Joetta who’s the angel of the family and Kenny’s irritation.

In the Story older brother Byron becomes such a burden on his parent they decide to take a trip down to Birmingham where the intend to make Byron stay the summer with his Grandma Sands Watson. After the family’s Sunday Mass at the local church in Birmingham, the church was bombed with Joetta inside the church. Kenny runs into the burning church and rescues his little sister. Two girls were injured including Joetta and four were killed. This event was directly related to the 16th Baptist Church Bombing in 1963 which was then, a heated and controversial topic of that year in 1963. The bombing was related to segregation in the south between whites and black, in which Byron had to explain to Kenny so that he could understand the world that he lived in a little more. Unlike Flint, Michigan, the racism in Birmingham was far more potent than in the north, were Kenny had resided from.

I read this book around the time I was 9 years old. I was in the fourth grade, and the stories about Byron’s behavior like shooting birds with stones, spending his parent money in the wrong ways, and lighting matches on fire had drew me closer because I wanted to do those things and I was very troublesome myself. In one instance, Kenny is save by brother byron from a bully at school. This also reminded of me and my brothers. I always dreamed my brother would save me in a fight if he needed to, fortunately that never occurred because I was a badass. This reminded me of myself because there was multiple instances of me saving my little brother, unfortunately I got my ass kicked once, because he was a few grades higher than me, but at least I had the courage to step up.

ICP’s Greatest Hits Album

ICP is a rap group formed in the late 90’s. Their content was definitely rated R. Cursing, Yelling, dressing as clown’s, sounds like KISS, but those were so attributes that made me love ICP. Though every other human being would look down upon the glorious ICP. Juggalos all across the world gather to listen to our beloved ICP. The reason I like them so much is because they did every thing my parents said was bad. Killing, doing psychedelics, fighting, pretty much anything that says “I don’t care, I’m going to do what I want. Also , my sibling and I would jeer in harmony to the hateful music of ICP.

Micheal Jackson’s Thriller

First of all, I can’t officially decide what my favorite album is. This is literally the hardest question I’ve ever been asked. This question is like asking to choose between my girlfriend and my mom, you’re fucked either way. However to name some runner-up’s, the following were very special to me: 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Trying, and Bulletproof, Bone Thugs in Harmony’s Eternal, All Eyes On Me by Tupac Shakur, Lil Wayne’s Carter II, Song’s of Life by Stevie Wonder and,Micheal Jackson’s Bad.

Those were my second favorite albums that gave me joy in many ways, however the album in which gave me the most affection is Micheal Jackson’s Thriller. First and foremost it’s songwriting is top-notch. Micheal’s voice is gripping, pulling his listeners into an abyss of love, wonder, and pure happiness. The time in which I was listening to Thriller, I was going through rough times within my life and with my family. Though, I remeber there was times that my brother and sister, along with my father and me, had been riding in our rusty cherry red soccer mom van. We’d be going home after cleaning this building my dad worked for. I was only a child working inside this place along we my siblings, and we’d clean for hours being push around by our demanding father. Sadness overcame me during those late late nights. But, Micheal came to the rescue (not a pedo-micheal joke). Listening to Micheal on the way home brought my and my family joy. Rocking back and forth we’d sing in harmony to every single track. With passion we’d chant after those long working nights. Even on other occasions like sporting events we’d listen. It almost brings me to tears just reflecting on those joyful times. I genuinely love this album with all my heart.

New Jersey Drive

In middle school, I became aware of this negative concept about myself, and why this concept couldn’t be changed even if i wanted to change it. Basically I grew up understanding that my life wasn’t precise. I thought that no matter what I did I would never amount up to those who seemed to be doing well for themselves. Psych experts would call this “Clinical Depression”, though I called it “Fate”. I thought I had no control over my life, thoughts, and actions. I tell you this to talk about a movie that I love, but others hate.

New Jersey Drive, directed by Howard Mcmaster in 1995. The film was about a teenage African-American male, and his life in the projects of Newark, New Jersey. His struggles to stay out of trouble, and comply to authority became his oppression. Basically he had grew tired of being tired. So he stayed out of trouble and complied to authority. Now by doing those things, he knew that he’d have more freedom to do bad things and be happier. That’s my story. That’s why I love New Jersey Drive. It was dead on accurate about what I was doing and what I wanted to do, to be happy.

Django Unchained

I love a ton of movies. TMNT, Pulp Fiction, Eyes on the Prize, Fight Club, Kung Fu Hustle, there’s a ton. However, recently I fell in love with this Quentin Tarantino flick. This film penetrated my heart, made me think I my life and made me reconsider my purpose in life. The film starred Jamie Foxx as Django, the black bounty hunter. Set in the South after the American Revolution called the Antebellum Era. Django, a former slave, turned free man after being bought by his right-hand bounty mate, Dr. King Schultz played by Christoph  Waltz. Both the former slave and the German dentist quest to kill Django’s former slaver owners and rescue Django’s wife, Broomhilda from a racist plantation owner named Calvin Candie ,

The film addresses multiple social differences between whites and blacks. In the movie, there’s a scene were Django is considered an extension of his white companion Dr. Schultz. This means he wasn’t even considered a human being, nonetheless his freedom made him better than any other slave. I thought the mission that was trying to be accomplished during the movie was for individual whites and blacks to make a change in society by bringing a new concept to the social table. Working together. Jamie Foxx inspired young black men to chase after our dreams, breaking the rule that society has set upon us. Django’s “I don’t give a fuck’ attitude, flashy clothes, and slick gun skills gives young, suppress black men a new look at how they can carry themselves and be proud.

Monkey D. Luffy

I’ve always wanted to be a superhero. I’ve even had dreams were I can jump, fly, and destroy things with my fists at will. Lucid dreaming. However, I can’t do those things in real life. Though I’ve had instances were I act out like my favorite superheros. For instance, Monkey D. Luffy the charismatic rubber-man from One Piece is one of the superhero’s I seem to implement a lot in real life.

Monkey D. Luffy or Luffy, is a 18-year old boy who has eaten a magical fruit that has turned him into rubber. Gum-Gum Fruit has given him the ability to stretch any body part great distances. He can blow himself up like a balloon increasing his mass. Luffy also has the power to scare people because of his mere presents. Luffy is extremely optimistic even when everyone around him seems to be upset. He has a brute fighting style only fighting with his body, no weapons. Luffy’s goal is to be the Pirate King ( In a world of pirates and Naval forces who are trying to become or defeat the Pirate King).

Now I’ll give some examples on how identify with Luffy. I’m a wrestle, and this means I;m always fighting and battles with an opponent like Luffy. I only use my body, and skills to defeat my opponents. I want to become a NCAA National Champion as well. This identifies with Luffy’s desire to become Pirate King. I’m always optimistic about things that seem to have a negative potential to them. I’m also extremely confident in my skills within life, not just wrestling.

I remember in high school I had aspirations of becoming a state champion in wrestling. I was going into my district tournament to qualify for the state tournament. Now I’ve never won the district tournament before. At the time I always watched One Piece trying to emulate Luffy. I had the opportunity to become a state champ. So, faced with a lot of difficult odds, I gradually won matches leading to my final match in districts, to go to states. Like Luffy, I was very confident and optimistic about winning to advance to states. I used my wrestling superpowers to defeat my opponent, who was projected to win the tournament. That gave me great joy. I emulated Luffy in that moment as well.