New Jersey Drive

In middle school, I became aware of this negative concept about myself, and why this concept couldn’t be changed even if i wanted to change it. Basically I grew up understanding that my life wasn’t precise. I thought that no matter what I did I would never amount up to those who seemed to be doing well for themselves. Psych experts would call this “Clinical Depression”, though I called it “Fate”. I thought I had no control over my life, thoughts, and actions. I tell you this to talk about a movie that I love, but others hate.

New Jersey Drive, directed by Howard Mcmaster in 1995. The film was about a teenage African-American male, and his life in the projects of Newark, New Jersey. His struggles to stay out of trouble, and comply to authority became his oppression. Basically he had grew tired of being tired. So he stayed out of trouble and complied to authority. Now by doing those things, he knew that he’d have more freedom to do bad things and be happier. That’s my story. That’s why I love New Jersey Drive. It was dead on accurate about what I was doing and what I wanted to do, to be happy.


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