“Time Travel or Nah?” Pt.1

10 years into the future or 10 years into the past? You get to meet your future self or the younger version of the current you? If you go into the future, will the life you lead be the one you thought it would be? Or will you go tell the younger you how to kick game, so he/she can be successful in the future? I don’t know about you, but the choice is easy and the actions taken are obvious to me.

I’m going back into the past to visit my old self. No matter if I don’t recognize myself as a 19 year old to my then, 9 year old self I’d approach myself in an informative walk. Come in a comfortable range of myself.  Then, simply kneel down on a one knee. With a mellow look on my bearded face, and nappy hair I’d say to myself. ” Your a pussy, but you get to grow. You get to travel, learn, and adapt to your surroundings, so your values can be met. Once that happens you’ll be an even bigger pussy, but once that happens you get to do it all over again.” Finally, I’d walk off into the distance, with James Bonds theme music playing in the background. With an explosion (my kid self doesn’t explode though) and two beautiful women on my sides. The End


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