Fred Gets Shaggy With Scoob.

“Whom in the Mystery Gang is more similar to yourself.” Well to tell you the truth I’m not the exact same as anyone in the Gang. Although I do carry traits of multiple characters in the “Gang.” You’ve got Fred, Daphne, Vilma, Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy. I’m more like scrappy than anyone. I can be smart like Vilma on occasions. Finally my swag is strong like Freddy.

Scrappy is very energetic and he loves to fight. I think I closer to Scrappy than any other Mystery member, because I play around with my buddies a lot. We’re always trying to wrestle with one other. Once I made about four or five of my friends go into Walmart. Set up a wrestling ring in the middle of an aisle and we just started going at each other. We did this for about fifteenth minutes, because we were eventually kicked out. My energy is always high. That’s why I better compared with Scrap.

It’s no question that I act stupid a lot of the time. So Scooby, and Shaggy would also be a good comparison to me. However, in high school I had figured out how to be a good student. I had discovered I was kinda smart. My junior year of high school, for the first time I had got straight A’s for three quarters straight. In that, I feel as though me and Vilma are alike. I was geeked. People called me smart. I was pleased with this newly found dick riding that everyone was doing to me. That’s Vilma.

Finally my charm with the ladies goes above and beyond like my man Fred. Going in to high school I shy, but girls would just love me. Some loved how handsome I am. Others because I’m an athlete. Then when I started getting good grades, the bitches just flocked. Freddy gave me a high five once, that how good I am. That’s why I’m like Fred.


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