Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare’s Romeo an Juliet, is a novel that everyone is in love with, except me. I’m sure you know the story goes. It’s only the number one story that’s been in every high school American’s curriculum. The same curriculum that gives you Hamlet, and Caesar too. I feel like they just make us read those books to torture us and try and speak like Anglo-Saxon retards. To be or Not to Be, how about not to be. I hated second of every class period were I had to recite this damn story. The fights were lame, the girl was 12, and Romeo died at the end. That pedophile should have been put in jail. That’s how messed up society is, they give you a story on how to get the the girl, but in the real world this would be considered a crime.

The Capulet’s and The Montague’s clash in a vicious battle to see who comes out on top. Sounds interesting right, WRONG. Micheal Bay would have killed this plot. With Ninja Turtles on one side and Autobots on the other. Explosions, curse words, and hot babes would have crowned Shakespeare. But no, you’ve got two pussy butlers who give each other the finger, and two pedophiles in tights, fighting to see who’ll become King of the Pedos. I imagined the fight ending with a sword up the butt, then a reach around for the other guy because he liked it so much. Symbolism, plot twists, culture, and literary genius is what you see. I see a pages of sexual desires of ole Shakesperm… I mean Shakespeare. What a waste.


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