Micheal Jackson’s Thriller

First of all, I can’t officially decide what my favorite album is. This is literally the hardest question I’ve ever been asked. This question is like asking to choose between my girlfriend and my mom, you’re fucked either way. However to name some runner-up’s, the following were very special to me: 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Trying, and Bulletproof, Bone Thugs in Harmony’s Eternal, All Eyes On Me by Tupac Shakur, Lil Wayne’s Carter II, Song’s of Life by Stevie Wonder and,Micheal Jackson’s Bad.

Those were my second favorite albums that gave me joy in many ways, however the album in which gave me the most affection is Micheal Jackson’s Thriller. First and foremost it’s songwriting is top-notch. Micheal’s voice is gripping, pulling his listeners into an abyss of love, wonder, and pure happiness. The time in which I was listening to Thriller, I was going through rough times within my life and with my family. Though, I remeber there was times that my brother and sister, along with my father and me, had been riding in our rusty cherry red soccer mom van. We’d be going home after cleaning this building my dad worked for. I was only a child working inside this place along we my siblings, and we’d clean for hours being push around by our demanding father. Sadness overcame me during those late late nights. But, Micheal came to the rescue (not a pedo-micheal joke). Listening to Micheal on the way home brought my and my family joy. Rocking back and forth we’d sing in harmony to every single track. With passion we’d chant after those long working nights. Even on other occasions like sporting events we’d listen. It almost brings me to tears just reflecting on those joyful times. I genuinely love this album with all my heart.


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