Django Unchained

I love a ton of movies. TMNT, Pulp Fiction, Eyes on the Prize, Fight Club, Kung Fu Hustle, there’s a ton. However, recently I fell in love with this Quentin Tarantino flick. This film penetrated my heart, made me think I my life and made me reconsider my purpose in life. The film starred Jamie Foxx as Django, the black bounty hunter. Set in the South after the American Revolution called the Antebellum Era. Django, a former slave, turned free man after being bought by his right-hand bounty mate, Dr. King Schultz played by Christoph  Waltz. Both the former slave and the German dentist quest to kill Django’s former slaver owners and rescue Django’s wife, Broomhilda from a racist plantation owner named Calvin Candie ,

The film addresses multiple social differences between whites and blacks. In the movie, there’s a scene were Django is considered an extension of his white companion Dr. Schultz. This means he wasn’t even considered a human being, nonetheless his freedom made him better than any other slave. I thought the mission that was trying to be accomplished during the movie was for individual whites and blacks to make a change in society by bringing a new concept to the social table. Working together. Jamie Foxx inspired young black men to chase after our dreams, breaking the rule that society has set upon us. Django’s “I don’t give a fuck’ attitude, flashy clothes, and slick gun skills gives young, suppress black men a new look at how they can carry themselves and be proud.


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