Monkey D. Luffy

I’ve always wanted to be a superhero. I’ve even had dreams were I can jump, fly, and destroy things with my fists at will. Lucid dreaming. However, I can’t do those things in real life. Though I’ve had instances were I act out like my favorite superheros. For instance, Monkey D. Luffy the charismatic rubber-man from One Piece is one of the superhero’s I seem to implement a lot in real life.

Monkey D. Luffy or Luffy, is a 18-year old boy who has eaten a magical fruit that has turned him into rubber. Gum-Gum Fruit has given him the ability to stretch any body part great distances. He can blow himself up like a balloon increasing his mass. Luffy also has the power to scare people because of his mere presents. Luffy is extremely optimistic even when everyone around him seems to be upset. He has a brute fighting style only fighting with his body, no weapons. Luffy’s goal is to be the Pirate King ( In a world of pirates and Naval forces who are trying to become or defeat the Pirate King).

Now I’ll give some examples on how identify with Luffy. I’m a wrestle, and this means I;m always fighting and battles with an opponent like Luffy. I only use my body, and skills to defeat my opponents. I want to become a NCAA National Champion as well. This identifies with Luffy’s desire to become Pirate King. I’m always optimistic about things that seem to have a negative potential to them. I’m also extremely confident in my skills within life, not just wrestling.

I remember in high school I had aspirations of becoming a state champion in wrestling. I was going into my district tournament to qualify for the state tournament. Now I’ve never won the district tournament before. At the time I always watched One Piece trying to emulate Luffy. I had the opportunity to become a state champ. So, faced with a lot of difficult odds, I gradually won matches leading to my final match in districts, to go to states. Like Luffy, I was very confident and optimistic about winning to advance to states. I used my wrestling superpowers to defeat my opponent, who was projected to win the tournament. That gave me great joy. I emulated Luffy in that moment as well.


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