My L>O>V>E!

My day one hon was an Ice queen. Her heart, made of ion sub and rich with pain. Her and I was six years old when we first met at day care. I crossed her each day, in hope that she would talk to me. Though I grew keen, and arise to her and said,” Hey girl, who yo name is”. She gave me back her shot,” No boy, I’m too cute for you”. I fell in to a world of pain at that point. I would punch her to show her how true my love was for her. She’d turn me down each time. I’d spill my food in her hair and make a mess to show her I could be a tough guy.That just made her cry. I thought that was a good way to get to her heart, but it would just make her mad at me. So I beat up some kid in our class to show my strength. At last she talks to me and has me beat kids up. I was fine with that, til one day our day care tough guy gave her a hard time. This was my chance to show I’m the best for her. So, I took the fight to this kid, and… I got my ass beat. I still hate that kid til this day. As for my crush, she’s a whore now. Too bad.


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