The Promiscuous Pimp: Abena Dada Tolong

First of all, I love the name Hannibal. So to change that would be of great significance to my life. Not in a good way either. Though, if I were to change my name I’d change it to, Abena Dada Tolong. The entire name is African, because I’m African American. Abena means,” born on a Tuesday.” My new lifestyle would consist of me going to the club every Tuesday and lighting it up. Dada means rejoice, because in the days of being on a farm I’d rejoice for the peace I’d have. Tolong has no meaning or origin, it’s like Malcolm X, but Tolong. So I’d move to a small town in California with nothing but farmland and a Diner Bar. I’d live in peace with my cows, chickens, and porn star wife, Skin Diamond. Every Monday I’d drive to the biggest club in L.A get wasted with my wife and her friends from work. I’d live a promiscuous life, doing cocaine, and pimpin’ hoes for two nights straight. Then I’d retire to my farm for five days, drive to L.A and do it all over again.For ten years I’d do this and be completely happy.


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