Hannibal Ali Tate is my name. My father, a black nationalist and Muslim convert, named me after the Ancient Carthage Army General, Hannibal Barca. Hannibal Barca is famed for crossing the Alps Mountains to fight the great Roman Army in Italy. Hannibal was a successful Commander, winning many battles against the powerful Roman army. Outnumbered Hannibal, devised schemes and formations to cripple the Roman army. However in the end Hannibal’s campaign came to an end, because of the lack of numbers that Hannibal had. Overwhelmed Hannibal stopped fighting and hid for over twenty years. Eventually Hannibal killed himself to avoid the persecution from the Romans. Anyway, my Dad was born in the fifties were Civil right movements like, the Black Panthers were active and gathering in numbers. My name reflects the fight against racism within my father’s life. Even for me, my name has influenced my life greatly. I’ve won wrestling matches simply because the guy whom I was facing knew my name and saw my black skin. They tell me this, I’m not assuming at all. All and all I love my name and it is one of my greatest assets.


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