Killing Mr. Peanut

After being baptized by heartless kids with lovely put-downs in middle school. I became invulnerable to insults. Laughing off any jokes toward me. Being good at sports helped avoid  any bullying that could have potentially depressed me. Being taller than most kids did wonders. At “white schools” I was feared because I was an African American. I wasn’t always safe though.As athletes we joke and play with each other, but for some reason I wouldn’t let myself get angry and try to physically hurt someone. No matter what happened to me I couldn’t get mad. However, there’s one particular thing that athletes do that pisses me off to the point of “Hulk Mode.”

One day, my buddies in high school thought up a game. There was no name to it. It was simple, hit each other in the nuts. Yes, balls, nuts, family jewels, whatever you’d like to call it. They would  smack/punch each other in the nuts. At first the game was fun, because it wasn’t happening to me. Then more and more brave souls on our wrestling team began to play the game as well. So we all became targets. In the middle of the hallways I’d see bodies drop to their knees instantly. Crashing their knees into the floor. I seen a guy throw up once. I this point I had already been tagged. So I was boiling up inside. I wanted to tell them to stop, but I didn’t want to seem like I was ruining the game. Finally the day came where I snapped.

I had stopped playing the game, because I didn’t want to hit anymore. Every agreed that we were going overboard with nutshots. However, there’s always that one kid who doesn’t know when to stop. A freshman of course. I’m chilling with my headphones in listening to music when all of sudden he whacks me right in the balls. This whack had pulled the trigger on a loaded AK-47. Click, and punches just left my hands. It was like a Batman comic strip. “POW!” “Bam!” BOOM!”. Will-I-Am from the Black Eye Peas was singing “Boom Boom Boom” while I was pounding this kid. Blood gusted from his face in a little cherry filled stream. It was lovely.I had snapped, because he had punched me in the nuts.

In conclusion, don’t hit me in the nuts. Especially if I asked you once to stop. It will make me angry enough to try and physically hit someone. That’s what makes me angry.


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