Shield Of Honor

“Love In Mind”. If my family had a slogan that would be it and the creature that would be lucky enough to represent us is the Honey Bee. Throughout the years of my life, when my siblings would be together, my dad would talk (lecture, yell, whatever makes you happy) to us. In the early stages of life it was,”take care of yourself before you try taking care of someone else”.Puberty was,”you watch, the same dumb shit you do to me is the same dumb shit that will happen to you”. Teenage years came,”believe in yourself and never quit”. Now it’s,” you have to think of your nephew’s”. Confusing a first, but as I got older and understood what I liked, I began to understand my dad.

“Love in Mind” means to always have the best interest in mind for you and your family. To be selfless. That’s what my dad preached to us. He cared for us more than he cared for himself. Although he knew in order for us to have great lives he had to take care of himself. Every action I make right now will have an effect on me and my family. So, I choose what I think are the best decisions to make. Go to class to learn, practice hard on the field, revise my paper one more time, run a little bit harder, etc. Though I hate these things and I ‘d rather have an easy life. Ultimately I love those things , because I know my family will benefit in the long run. Love in mind is our slogan and the Honey Bee is our animal.

Up until my older brothers and sisters left the house to lead their own lives, our family had the same routine. Wake up at 5:00 A.M, go to school or work, go from school to daycare or work, then go home or be coming home from work. In bed at 9:30 P.M. We were like Honey Bees. Going from flower to flower collecting pollen then coming back to the hive to contribute honey. Our productivity lied in school work and whatever my mom and dad did at their jobs. And if we had an issue, we were willing to sting something and die for it. That’s a little over exaggerated, but you get my point.


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