Tony Montana

When I was kid, there was one thing I wanted more than anything in the world. More than girls, soda, games, etc. Hell, even more than Christmas presents. I wanted to be the biggest drug peddling, coke whipping, money getting, cop killing, drug dealer in the whole city. I grew up in a “”rough neighborhood””, were my family was a victim of poverty. So my big brother, Joel had sold drugs and came home with money to feed us most nights. Moreover, I was interested in the lifestyle of characters in movies like, Scarface, and Paid In Full.

My first experience with drugs was in elementary. My brother had left some Tony ( cocaine) on our attic stairs. So my curiosity took over, and I had decided that I wanted to sniff it because that’s what they did on the movies. I don’t remember a particular feeling or if it did anything at all. So I had wondered why Tweekers (Crackheads) would  always buy it from Joel. I wanted to be a drug dealer because my brother had been one. I looked up to him. Joe would also come home with food and groceries after nights of asking my mom,”what do we have to eat other than Coco Puffs”. Although, I did adored Coco Puffs. We ate real food because Joe had sold drugs. However, groceries wasn’t as manipulating as car chases, shootouts, and a luxurious lifestyle.

As I got older, more of my friends in school had sold drugs. They had not change very much. Their lifestyles weren’t filled with glamour, and happiness. Though some never came to school because they had lots of money and very little time for school. On the contrary, as a kid I thought drug dealers were the most fortunate people on the planet. I remember filling my 4 by 4 tub up with bubbles, lighting, and smoking a sticking note filled with paper to imitate Tony Montana. Tony had the girl, the house, the cars, the money. He was untouchable. Killed people with no regard for law enforcement. Moreover, he easily evaded cops. I wanted to be like Tony someday. Hell, I still want to be like him. Just without dying.

In conclusion, It was my brother who aspired me to be a drug dealer. Being hungry some nights motivated me too. Even more than Joel and being poor, it was the lifestyles that the media had portrayed drug dealers to be living that gave me the urge to be a drug dealer. So that’s why I wanted to be a Drug Dealing.


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